3-in-1 Pill Cutter, Crusher and Storage

AIDAPT 3-in-1 Pill Cutter, Crusher & Storage

HK$ 70.00

The Pill Cutter and Crusher is ideal for users who find it difficult to swallow tablets whole, particularly those with limited dexterity. Cleverly constructed with 3 parts; the top is an easy-to-use pill cutter with a base and lid with integrated cutting blade. The middle section can be used for storage of whole, cut or crushed pills, and used in conjuction with the base it is an effective table crusher. Simply place the tablet or pill in the grinding mill and turn the screw top to reduce the tablet to a powder.

Features & Technical Specifications

Colour: White and Brown
Dimensions (mm): 53x53x66
Weight (kg): 0.045

Item No: VM0927A.
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