AIDAPT Surgical Face Mask

HK$ 280.00

3-ply design with elastic ear loops, an integrated full-width nose piece to provide a proper fit

Made of soft and breathable facings assuring wearer comfort on the inside and respiratory protection on the outside:

The outer layer is made of non-woven polypropylene fluid resistant material, which helps reduce infections through blood and body fluid

The middle layer with special filter helps isolate dust and bacteria

The inner layer is made of ultra-fine fibers, which can absorb sweat and oil

Item No: DM1020.
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Product Description

BFE > 99%; conforms to ASTM F2101-14 filtration standard
PFE > 99%; conforms to ASTM F2299 filtration standard
VFE > 99%; conforms to Phi X174 (ATCC® 13706-B1 ™) filtration standard

Made in Vietnam; ISO13485 certified
50 pieces/ pack

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