AIDAPT Solo Bedstick Transfer Aid

HK$ 580.00

Assists transfer into and out of the bed.
The bedstick passes below the mattress and the looped handles extend up either side of the bed.
The Bedstick transfer aid has a telescopic tube, so it can be safely adjusted to fit beds from 900 mm to 1500 mm.
One side can be turned down for able bodied users sharing the bed, who do not require the transfer aid

Features & Technical Specifications

Futher Details:
127kg (20 stone) weight limit
Safety bar to prevent head entrapment
Suitable for industrial cleaning
Easy to stack
High quality epoxy resin finish
High quality chrome plated finish

Item No: VY0429.
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Product Description

  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions (mm): 276 x 906 – 1580 x 420