AIDAPT U-Shaped Cushion

HK$ 500.00

This versatile U-shaped cushion can offer support and comfort in a huge variety of positions to suit the user. Suitable for use on beds, chairs, sofas or even on the floor, the U-shaped body pillow can provide luxurious neck comfort for all users when lounging or sitting and is also ideal as a support pillow during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Alternatively, wrap the U-shaped cushion around your waist for back support when sitting, and at night position between the knees or around the body for improved stability and spine alignment.
Versatile pillow can be used in a huge variety of positions
Perfect for use in pregnancy and while breastfeeding
Ideal for those suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain
Aids restful sleep and provides full body support
Removable cotton cover for washing
Spare pillow cases available

Item No: VM0974B.
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