Wispa 200 Series Battery Lift

AIDAPT Wispa 200 Series Battery Lift

HK$ 16,250.00

A unique range of Battery Powered Hoists intelligently designed to suit both user and carer. The new Wispa 200 Battery Lift range is a safe, powerful solution to moving and handling, with precise fingertip control. Flexible design also means the Wispa range can be easily connected to the ceiling, or to a free standing unit. Aesthetically designed, the Wispa 200 Battery Powered Hoists provide a neat and unobtrusive system for controlled transfer from bed, wheelchair or floor. Wispa fits almost anywhere, even into confined spaces such as multi-bed hospital wards, where space is at a premium and has a 200 kg (31 stone) weight limit.

Safe, controlled transfer from the bed, wheelchair or floor
Freewheel, powered traverse or X-Y option for complete room coverage
Soft start/stop
Simple to recharge
Long intervals before recharging – in excess of 250 consecutive lifts of 75kg before a low battery warning

Item No: VP0205.
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