Wispa Mobile Duo Hi-Lift Hoist

AIDAPT Wispa Mobile Duo Hi-Lift Hoist

HK$ 26,250.00

The Wispa Mobile Duo Hoist transforms easily from a high lift hoist to a transfer aid, to assist with activities of daily living in both clinical and domestic environments. When used as a transfer aid, the Wispa Duo Hoist will raise a client, who has a degree of strength in their upper body and lower limbs, into a semi-standing position, facilitating transfers, adjustment of clothing and relief of pressure. This makes the Wispa Mobile Duo an ideal transfer aid for toileting use; enabling the client to maintain a level of independence and dignity. When used as a hoist the Wispa Mobile Duo Hoist offers an extensive lifting range and up to 100 lifts per charge.

Extensive lifting range, from the floor to a high hospital bed
Quiet, smooth action also features a quick, rechargeable battery – only 3 hours from flat
Ideal for toileting and transfer use
Large castors 125mm (5″) at rear aid steering and can be locked when in use

Features & Technical Specifications

Colour: White & Grey

Item No: VP0232.
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